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Friday, April 10, 2015

New Things About Gunung Datuk?

Have you ever been climbing up of this Gunung Datuk. Or you can tease it as Grandpa Mount.

Or you recognize it as a place that you can be easily lost.

Nowadays hiking is a new trend. Good lifestyle and for sure good hobby to be explored with a bunch of friends.

Lets watch how some kind-hearted people with their own initiative to prevent people from lost. Yeah, again and again.

Gunung Datuk!
Its nearly at Rembau Negeri Sembilan, 2900 feet equal to 870 meter. Fee is RM5 only. Roughly, estimated 2 hours trekking until the peak. Trails are hill ground and stone. Ops root wood also!

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Faizal Akherruddin posted some photos they had been putting 14 signboards until you reach the peak. Easy to be traced caused the colour is yellow and for sure red paint along the way up too.

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