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Monday, June 15, 2015


Tahniah Chilok!

   As expected, you guys are amazing. With the help from Sharif Zero you guys ‘Bulih bah kalau kau’. And not forgetting that Pian Kepoh and Rizuan as smiling statue. Oh yeah, that Bang Bang Boom mascot also.

Part paling outstanding is when Chilok is totally brave enough to ‘cilok’ the juries heart. OMG. Kak Ogy is singing!

   You know guys, when you really works hard. I was there among the crowds as witness of Datuk Vida’s so called reality program. Not much to comment on that. Itukan salah satu platform yang harus direbut oleh semua orang.

Peserta lain... Achey, Bocik dan Titan pun super duper good. But I call its a day for Chilok.

LASTLY, I made a photo with Pian Kepoh. Jyeah! 

Kredit Foto: FB & Google

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