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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Never Buy Airplane Ticket At 11 Hours of Christmas Eve

      I wanted to share my experience which truly happened to me in the year of 2013. I was actually heading back to Kota Kinabalu from Kuala Lumpur with Malaysia Airport. The actual flight is 11PM and it is the last flight on that day.

Everyone is excited as balik kampung or Cuti-cuti is just around the corner. What we thought, in 2 hours and 30minutes we will arrive our destination. So I straight away, check-in, I have my 7kg luggage and my precious white guitar. There is no checked-bag. few food and drink is a must, and yeah some gums.

Unfortunately, the flight was delayed for 30 minutes. I’m about to fall asleep. There are no people that I can talk to, everyone is busy with their own stuff. So I chit-chat with a Sabahan guy which actually going back for Christmas too, same as me. He is someone in his late 30s, working at Proton that is what he said. And he actually works in Japan for many years. I only remember his name is Foo.

We board the airplane later. And things became worse as the flight cannot fly as the management from Kota Kinabalu International Airport will not accept our landing! We already sat inside the plane for almost 30 minutes. The boy in front me also already asleep.

Time ticking and its 12! The ladies at the back already irritated with the situation. They greet together ‘Merry Christmas!’

After waiting for few moments, the pilot captain made an announcement. The flight will be delayed and will only fly on the next morning which is 8.30AM. i was sad as I cannot attend the morning mass. And I felt sad because my father and my two siblings already waiting at KKIA. I learnt a lesson.

We were told to wait at the main entrance and wait for bus. The bus then took us to one of the best hotels at Putrajaya. It was 5stars hotel. Bath tub is the first thing I was thinking to spend time with, eventhough it was late. Sleepy? Of course. But staying alone at such Deluxe room is crazy. I made my coffee. Luckily I have my own personal items and clothes too. Around 2.30AM I slept and woke up after got a morning call from receptionist. There is no food provided until the morning. Just an optional coupon for breakfast. I need to queue agan at McDonalds.

The next morning right after 8.30AM the airplaine made a fly. Yes, it was safe but on another Christmas eve, I WON’T.

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