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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Tamparuli Bamboo Music Festival

   Now that in the year of 2015, Tamparuli, my hometown still became the main host for Bamboo Music Festival. In Malay, the name of the organizer is Persatuan Orkestra Muzik Bambu Kinabalu (OMBAK). This year is the 9th times for such event.

The theme for this year fest is ‘Festival Memelihara, Mempromosi dan Memperkasa Muzik Tradisional Bambu bagi seluruh masyarakat di negeri ini.’ Its good because there are still organization that wants to protect the traditional resource. Of course with such event we can see music performance using bamboo and local bamboo music group.

There is also another event which is traditional sport, exhibition booths, sale booths and local performance.

Photos by Recqueal Gonzales II

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