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Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Runkeeper: Set A Goal!

     I always believe that jogging helps us to relieve our stress. People feel stressed when they think they gained weight. Is it me? That could be one of the reason. So, get yourself jogging attire and LET’S JOG!

JOGGING is not a daily mundane routine. You only need to jog 3-4 times a week. Well, yeah depends on the weather and sometimes your body signal. Do not jog if you feel unwell, too tired and aching in any part of body muscle. Make sure you give at least 2-3 hours gap after heavy meal.

To prevent bones illness for long term period, do not practice overstriding when jogging. Touch the foot lightly on the ground. Cool, right? Put on some music and just stop when you can’t continue. Then, JOG back-lah.

For me, Ive been recording my time for any fitness I’ve done including cycling, yoga, zumba and hill-climbing. Do it! You can download Runkeeper via Google Play Store. Now you can start using that app and be more motivated. Gambate kudasai!

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