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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Clever Girl Malaysia of Week 1

Being in front of television on Sunday night is a routine for me. I catch up a bit with my manuscripts and also, well, few battles on Clash Royale. It is not really an addiction but I must play it regularly to achieve more trophies. Addiction, right?
Resource: Facebook Clever Girl Malaysia
So, after the singing-reality-show Mentor Milenia which won by Fareez (Click Here to read more), TV3 now aired new reality-show which is Clever Girl Malaysia. This 10 episodes will be hosted by Alif Satar and co-host by Cheryl Samad, Vanidah Imran and Marion Counter. So, you can watch at TV3 every Sunday at 9pm.

Resource: Facebook Clever Girl Malaysia

Basically there are 14 participants, specifically one representative from each states. Forget about their names, but I am sure intelligence is the main factor of choosing contestant. All of them already pretty as woman aged 20s to early 30s. To be honest, I am impressed with their profile, most of them are law practitioner and engineer.
Resource: Facebook Clever Girl Malaysia

I am not a person with lots of general knowledge too, but based on the first 1-10 questions, I know the correct answer. Who do not know the total colours of Jalur Gemilang? Even the Indonesian tea-lady working at my company also knows lah! Learn to be more cool and relax to all of the contestant.

To Sarah (Sabah representative), congrats for being the First-week Winner!

Resource: Facebook Clever Girl Malaysia

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