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Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Happy International Women’s Day!

My mom is not working in professional line, but she is always a professional mother to us. How can I say that? We were raised well enough, given good place to sleep and delicious food to eat everyday.
Mom and Roland Roy.
So, today I want to use this day as a thanksgiving day to my beloved omma, Patricia. This year she is 50 years old. How fast time zips by. Apart of that, Happy International Women’s Day to all women in the world especially to my mother. And yeah, to myself. And, to all woman who willing to read this entry.

My mom talent is cooking. She cooks well even that very simple ikan masin ginuring and linopot which require patient (due to long hours preparation). She can handle well all the pinasakan, tapai or tumpung (using dompuran) and bosou. She is good at looking for various veges and that is sunggon! Do you know what is pinongian

Mom’s hand also amazing at farming. Not many of us can farm well, so I kinda respect this kind of ability. She farm varieties of veges including tapioca, corn and passionfruit. Not forgetting the paddy at hill but not every year. 
Paddy, 2 years ago.
I wish I always be a good daughter for my mother. Everyone wants to go to heaven, right?

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