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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Review Korean Drama : Bachelors Vegetable Store

Do you like vegetable? Most of us perhaps do not like or they may have their favouritism. If you’re fan of Korea, you might influenced to eat kimchi. So, you still a vege-eater. Good, you’re eating vege. But for myself, I prefer all types of vege especially leafy type. They are high fibre, so I have no problem taking care the calories intake.

If you watch this Korean Drama of Bachelors Vegetable Store, you might think it is a slow story (24 episodes) but have balance between intro and ending. Apart of having Lee Kwang Soo with a little character of giraffe, be inspired with the spirit of Ji Chang Wook which also became the star in Healer.

Han Tae-yang is a hardworking, talented young man who will do anything to make his tiny vegetable stand a success. He hires a couple of "lost boys" who become his employees and friends: Nam Yoo-bong, a successful yet lonely farmer with zero love life; Lee Chan-sol, an idol trainee whose talent agency throws him out after nine years due to a hushed scandal, so he ends up working in a host club; Yoon Ho-jae, a certifiable genius with a lack of social skills that makes him unhireable to big companies; and Jung Ki-young, a homeless man who doesn't talk much.

Tae-yang also falls in love with Mok Ga-on, but she is hiding a huge secret. She is actually Jin Jin-shim, an orphaned girl. When her friend, the real Mok Ga-on, died when they were teenagers, Ga-on's ambitious mother Choi Kang-sun took Jin-shim in and told her to pretend to be her daughter, since Ga-on is the illegitimate daughter of a chaebolbusinessman. Desperate for a family, Jin-shim agreed, and now named Ga-on, she has a devoted but toxic relationship with Kang-sun. Ga-on also has feelings for Tae-yang, but she is torn between him and a wealthy heir, Lee Seul-woo.

Ji Chang-wook as Han Tae-yang

Wang Ji-hye as Mok Ga-on/Jin Jin-shim

Kim Young-kwang as Lee Seul-woo

Park Soo-jin as Jung Dan-bi

Hwang Shin-hye as Choi Kang-sun

Lee Se-young as Han Tae-in

Lee Kwang-soo as Nam Yoo-bong

Shin Won-ho as Lee Chan-sol

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