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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

My Heart At Kinabalu

Finally, I’ll be off to Kota Kinabalu this Thursday. I’ve been waiting like 2-3 months each and everyday. If I count for the hours left, it would be 50 hours left to my AK51** flight. I already packed 2 boxes which contains my books I plan to give-away on the Family Day next week. Others than that, it contain my preloved handbag, clothes and army poncho. Not forgetting balance of CNY hamper gift, and that is the CR (Confidential).

This time, I’ll be off for 10 days. Enough for me to make my walk all the way to Tamparuli-Kiulu everyday or I might window shopping at Kota Kinabalu just to take breathe of the so called Land Below The Wind. Have you ever been to KK? Come to Sabah, guys! There are many beautiful sumandaks that will melt your heart like chocolate and candy.

I assume Im not so happy mentally this time. Shall I say it is due to the physical exhaustion? I cannot reply to others question like few years back? Am i getting old or just a matured lady without braveness personality? How to get back to track? I am already pushed to a dark track which I really do not want. I feel so guilty and now – I realize I am just a selfish person. Apologizing is never enough. I wish people will understand me. I do not want to prolong my little problem. I know with my decision, I will be the saddest person living on earth.

For temporary, I’ll just read-write more and for sure, PRAY MORE.
Sekadar hiasan. Sumber: Google Image

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