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Monday, June 13, 2016

In Love With New Korean Drama : Another Miss Oh (또 오해영)

Blessed Monday everyone! I am starting my Monday with finger-typing job on my Blogspot. As of today, I already watched Episode 1 - 12. What I can say this Kdrama really captured my attention. Is it because of the genre itself which is Romance?

Poster by Google Image

Actually, I don’t get why Park Do Kyung can see the image/ vision of Just – Oh Hae Young sometimes. He looks cold and lonely but the moment when many things coincidently happen, he starts to respond unintentionally to his surrounding. In this drama, Park Do Kyung is a well known sound engineer/ producer. I like his job and how he really wants his masterpiece to be perfect.

There are two Oh Hae Young. They are the ‘pretty’ and ‘ordinary’ went to same high school. So, Park Do Kyung and the ‘pretty’ Oh Hae Young is a couple and wants to get married. But on the wedding day, the ‘pretty’ Oh Hae Young did not appear. With the info from Park Do Kyung’s friend, he made things difficult for Han Tae Jin, the guy that Just- Oh Hae Young should be marry to.

Well, lets hope for the best ending. Another 6 episodes to go! You may watch the drama at Dramacool, and for sure, download them. Happy watching, guys! 

Park Do Kyung 

Just Oh Hae Yung 

Pretty Oh Hae Young

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