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Friday, July 22, 2016

Because I Don’t Want To

One day, I asked myself, “What have you done in your life that you feel so happy that you did it?” The question itself looks very complicated. I sit back and relax, thinking of it more details. While thinking, I jot down anything that pop-out in my head. I drew something else too.

Ah, finally I got the answer. The answer is...

“I haven’t commit to any serious relationship which giving me any level of tension and stress. I already start writing and at least publish four short stories books. I am calm and peace that I am going to church every weekend to listen to Word of God. I am blessed with good health, good family and good environment.”
Everything seems so good now.

At least, I am not thinking about how sucks are the government issue and the world conflicts. Life becomes fragile, friends. Everywhere is no longer safe.

But then I asked myself again, “Why there are a lot of things you can do but you did not do it?” People might think I’m just a stupid soul for not doing all the teens and adults done to prove their crazy side. That’ all dear friends, I just don’t want to.

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