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Monday, July 25, 2016

Dear Gibran (You Know Who You Are)

Today is Monday. I am back to working routine, same space, same schedule and same environment but I noticed something, I am starting my day without texting and calling you. Did you reach your office safely? Or you didn’t go to work because it is a truly bad day for you?

I am sorry for I am just a human being, I make mistake and I always reflect of them. To be honest, this is a difficult situation I have to face. I’ve been thinking of this since early of 2016. I am truly sorry for hurting your feeling. I am sorry that we have to be apart.

All the beautiful memories will always linger to me. Yes, I believe I will because there is none of bad memories while having a relationship since 11 January 2014. You are almost perfect. Thanks again.

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